Spectre RPA (Beta)

The Spectre RPA (Robotic Process Automation) application is a companion tool for Cargo Spectre devices that allow users to automate the process of inserting values to any location on screen for the Windows operating system from a Cargo Spectre scan.

Windows 10 or higher


For first time use, select Settings and enter your Cargo Spectre machine's local IP address and port in the Spectre IP Address field (i.e.

Select which Dimension type windows you want to retrieve and insert from your Cargo Spectre device (Length, Width, Height, Volume, Weight, Barcode). Upon selection - smaller windows will appear on screen - drag them to the desired location where the values will be inserted.

Select Apply - and then select the Scan button.

Once the Cargo Spectre device completes the Dimensioning event - the values will be sent to your dimensioning windows and inserted into the desired field.


  • The Cargo Spectre device must be on with the Spectre GUI launched and signed in.
  • It is recommended you move the application to its own folder and create a shortcut for your desktop. Upon initial launch a save file is created that is referenced where the application is located.
    (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Spectre Rpa)